How I Created My Company in 5 Days

On September 26th, Apple announced a new way for app developers to find public beta testers.

On October 5th, I launched

Within 24 hours, PublicBetas was on the front page of Product Hunt and had been included in a popular e-mail newsletter for developers by iOS Dev Weekly. Thousands of users from around the world were flooding my site — developers uploaded new betas while interested users downloaded new versions of their favorite apps.

It was simple, user-friendly and created in 5 days.

In my short career, I’ve never been traditionally trained for any job I’ve held. I’ve been everything from a sales manager to a creative director, but I went to school to be a PGA Golf Professional. I fully expected to teach golf to juniors and spend the majority of my time on driving ranges. Instead, I have taught myself how to build apps and design user interfaces. At each position, I’ve hacked my way to success, all along the way learning new skills and finding faster ways to get the job done.

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