To Dot

Task manager based on Event Kit
iOS Beta

What to test?

I think this will be the last version before the final upload on the app store!

In this version:
• Introduced the English localization.
• Created widgets for today screen, showing the reminders of the day that have yet to be completed. It is possible to complete the reminders directly from that screen, while to add them you'll need to enter the application.
• Added the possibility of postponing the notification of 15, 60 minutes or by one day.
• Ability to complete a reminder from notification (Not working)
• Added new visual options: Show / Hide Separator, which will allow you to hide or not the separators from the cells to have a more minimal style.

App Overview

Welcome to the To Dot test!

With this application you can set reminders and completion lists in an easy and intuitive way, just press the + button to start.
In addition, you can synchronize your reminders with Mac and your Apple devices without having to worry about synchronizing anything.


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