Thrifty Trips

Cheaper Uber Rides
iOS Beta

What to test?

Please help us test Thrifty Trips the next time you need to take an Uber ride!

We will thank you for participating in our beta by rewarding you with a promo code for a FREE download of our app once it is in the store.*

*To qualify, you must successfully request a ride using Thrifty Trips, then send us some feedback from within the app. Additional terms and conditions apply; full details available in the feedback form.

App Overview

Get up to 20% off every Uber®! Thrifty Trips finds cheap Uber rides near you. Save money by walking a short distance to a cheaper pickup location while you wait for your driver to arrive. Walking just one minute can save you lots of money on your next Uber ride, typically $2-10 off every ride.

It's similar to Uber's Express POOL option that's currently offered in a limited number of cities, but with Thrifty Trips you can get the same money saving benefits on every ride option, including UberX, UberPool, UberXL, and everything else! Plus, there is no additional wait time, and the walking distances are much shorter.


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