Easily add fun stickrs and other cool objects to your photos and share them instantly!
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What to test?

Account creation, adding objects to Stickr Canvas, redeeming in-app currency for content, earn more points functions

App Overview

Now with over 2,179 stickrs and objects you can add to your photos! Drag and drop Stickrs and objects to your Stickr Canvas, and share, anywhere!

Your Creative possibilities are endless!
⭑ Backgrounds, Scenes and Colors
⭑ Monogram text and shapes
⭑ Stickr Packs from 59 different categories
⭑ Customizable text
⭑ Today's Date stamp
⭑ Live Weather temperature and current condition
⭑ All Stickrs weighing in at a mere 79.46 MB!

More Stickrs are added frequently and over-the-air so you always have more Stickrs without downloading app updates!


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