We want to help you and the planet become more sustainable by helping you save money and consume less.
iOS Beta

What to test?

In this update we have done lots of refactoring to get the app ready for being able to create your own account and split a saving towards multiple targets which are coming next.

As well as refactoring, we have also fixed a couple of bugs due to your feedback. Firstly, if you changed a pending saving to saved and went back to the savings screen, the total amount saved and total pending count would remain the same as they previously were.

Secondly, when attempting to change the total of a target or pending saving, you were able to enter a number with more than two decimals places.

Have a great day.

Josh, Emir, Piers

App Overview

We live in a debt fueled, consumeristic, fake, social media addicted, wasteful society, that is wreaking havoc on the earth’s ecosystem. We have to create a more sustainable society or we will have irreversibly destroyed our planet for future generations. Stash is out to change this. We believe real savings are made from actively cutting back and consuming less and not from gimmicks like rounding up the amount of a price of coffee at Starbucks and saving the loose change. That coffee is a complete waste of money in itself. Once people start to actively look to make a saving on every potential purchase, which includes deciding not to buy something and putting that whole saving away, then we can dramatically change the world for the better. Stash V1.0 enables users to create repeat and one-off savings and add them towards a target. We would really like you to use the app and get your feedback. We only want testers to join us on our mission if they believe in what we are doing and are keen to save. If that is you, then jump on board as we embark on our mission to change this consumeristic society that we live in. We have lots to do and have no time to waste.


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