Scavenger Hunt meets Augmented Reality
iOS Beta

What to test?

- Creation and playing of custom hunts
- General UX flow

For additional information please refer to the introduction message inside the app or tap the »About this App« button inside the app.

App Overview

Scavengar makes it possible to play and create worldwide scavenger hunts in augmented reality. By combining the familiar concept of a scavenger hunt with powerful technologies like augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning it aims to create a more immersive, more fun and more flexible gameplay for the user and content creators.

A typical hunt contains a startpoint, checkpoints, items and an endpoint. Items are used the guide the player to the next checkpoint and collecting them will also raise their score or trigger specific actions. A checkpoint can either contain information about the players current surroundings or location- and context-related tasks. Currently supported is the »Find an Object« task where the creator can select a specific type of object that the player needs to find in their surroundings by holding the camera on it. A machine learning model is then used for validation.


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