An iPad calendar with tasks and meeting notes organized to your schedule.
iOS Beta

What to test?

1,  Create a meeting
2, Add agenda items to a meeting
3, Add tasks to a meeting
4, Take notes for a meeting
5, Create a task
6, Set a flag for a task
7, On the Tasks tab, tap on a task and set up a time slot for the task
8, Alternatively, in the day view of the calendar, you can drag a task to  the calendar to block a time slot for the task

App Overview

Re:Schedule  is a calendar that helps you get work done. Re:Schedule brings your tasks and  meeting notes right into your calendar. It organizes your  information according to your schedule so that everything is right where you can find it, right when you want it.

You can plan your days better by organizing your meetings and tasks from  right within your calendar. Block off time for tasks so that they don't conflict with meetings. See  what tasks are due today, this week or this month. Assign action items to others and track them .

At the single touch of a button, you have everything you need for your  meeting. You can plan a meeting, take notes for a meeting and add action items to the meeting. Use   Re:Schedule to prepare for a meeting and to follow up with your team after the meeting.

Re:Schedule works with your Google Calendar account and  is available for your iPad.


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