Reach effectiveness when taking & managing your notes!
iOS Beta

What to test?

User experience when taking notes, using MLVision to scan documents & overall navigation and experience in the app.

App Overview

Notaly is all about helping you reach effectiveness in your daily life. When creating Notaly the main focus was to keep it simple and include only useful features and because of that you are able to write, dictate or scan your notes. Whenever you see camera icon above your keyboard it means this is place where you can scan a note from. Simply tap on the camera and take a picture of any text that you want to scan, this text will be added to your notes. Privacy is one of the most important things for us and that's why we let you secure your notes using Touch ID or Face ID. You'll be prompted to authenticate every time you try to access the app. Using Machine Learning, Notaly will let you take a picture of any text which will be instantly rewritten and added to your note. This feature is working locally on your device and doesn't require access to the internet. Your data are available whenever you need them. All of your notes are stored locally and will be available without internet connection. GET STARTED * Face ID & Touch ID enabled * Use Machine Learning to recognise text in images * Colour labels will help your notes stick out * Customise the colours in your app from settings menu * Powerful search functions to search content of your notes


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