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Motorcycle Specifications at your Fingertips!
iOS Beta

What to test?

I am looking for bugs, performance issues and basically everything that results in a crash. Thank you very much!

App Overview

Find specifications of your motorcycle quickly and easily, without reading the manual. Just point your phone onto your motorcycle, tap on detect and select your specific model. Moto uses Core ML for high performance, reliable and fast image classification as well as offline database technology, such that you can get magnificent motorcycle specifications even when you are out on an adventure! Please keep in mind that Moto is currently in Beta phase and, therefore, the majority of motorcycles displayed are BMW motorcycles. The support of all motorcycle brands and models will be implemented in future releases. At the moment, the motorcycle detection feature only supports the following motorcycle models: - BMW K1 - BMW K1100 - BMW R25 - BMW R80 - BMW R1200 - BMW S1000 - HONDA CB400 Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of Moto - wherever you are!


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