Forget calorie counting. There's a better way to track what you eat.
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What to test?

All aspects of the app. Also any feedback/suggestions welcome!

App Overview

Have you ever tried a calorie counting app? You probably gave up after a few days or maybe weeks. Moderation takes a new approach to the problem of calorie counting. Instead it tries to make it as simple (and fun!) as possible to log meals, which means you are much more likely to keep doing it!

Moderation lets you select if a meal was healthy or unhealthy - much easier than scanning barcodes and searching through large food databases.

How is Moderation different to all the other calorie counting apps?

• 🙌 Simplicity - We don't require you to create an account. We don't require you to scan barcodes, search through long lists of food databases or worry about every micro and macro nutrient that are on food labels. We just want to make it easy to track what you eat.

• 🔑 Privacy - We don't show ads and we have no interest in trying to collect or harvest any of your personal data. We ensure Moderation has enough functionality for most people to use for free, and if you want more powerful features we are planning on releasing those through an in-app purchase in the future. It also means we can't get hacked and have all your personal information stolen, as we don't collect it in the first place.

• 🚀 Insights - Most of the other calorie counting or food diary apps that we have looked at do a really bad job of helping you understand your data. They are happy enough to collect your data for their benefit, but they don't give you much back in return. We use data to boost your chances of reaching your goal.


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