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What to test?

Welcome to Meals - Food Planner Test Flight Beta

This is one of the biggest updates to Meals Food Planner ever!

There is a number of new features and fixes to issues reported by you in previous builds.

I have changed some of the UI to be more consistent across the app.


Please test the following:

*Add new recipes and share them with friends who have Meals Food Planner.

*View a shared recipe by using the Notification Drawer in the Welcome Screen

*View a shared recipes by using the Shared Recipes screen from the Recipes section (the accessible from the inbox button)

* View, Save or Decline a Shared Recipe from the Shared Recipes section.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Using the in-app Contact Us Section.

Thank you for being a part of the Beta, helping me develop Meals Food Planner!

Change log:

*NEW! Latest Recipes are now listed on the Welcome Screen - See the last three recipes you added

*NEW! Share recipes with friends. Tapping on one of the latest recipes will allow you to see the recipe’s details and share it with your friends - The build available in TestFlight only allows to share one of the three latest recipes added. This will be extended to all recipes in the User’s CookBook in the public release.

*NEW! Shared Recipes section now accessible from the Recipes section.

*NEW! Contact Us Section added to the Settings Screen. In the build available in TestFlight the Contact US button takes the User to the website where the User can leave feedback. In the Public Release will provide and in-app feedback process.


*FIXED! Improved the responsiveness and load times of the Recipe List

*FIXED! Crash when user tries to add a SIDEDISH to a SHARED MEAL they are not the owner of.

*FIXED! Crash when due to network issues not all required data is fetched from the database.

*FIXED! Issue where recipe titles longer than 4 lines would not display properly

*FIXED! Issue where Recipe Images would not render in correct aspect ratio on iPhone SE

*FIXED! Bottom Drawer button overlap on iPhone X

App Overview

Meals - Food Planner lets you collect your favourite recipes from the web and use them to plan your meals for the coming days. You can share your plans with your friends or family.

- Share your favourite recipes with your friends and family
- Always know what's for dinner today.
- Plan your weekly groceries.
- Waste less food by keeping track of your weekly dinners.
- Save money on shopping by knowing what groceries to get.

Meals - Food Planner central idea revolves around your Meal Calendar. You can plan meals. Keep your plans private, or share with other users of Meals - Food Planner.

Store your favourite recipes form the web, or enter your own Meals.


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