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iOS Beta

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Hey! Welcome to the Mast beta. This beta has comprised of four evenings of work, and I'm now closer than ever to a complete Mastodon client that's a joy to use. What's new: - Added a Share Extension, you can now share websites from Safari, as well as photos from the Photos app - Added a Today Extension to show you the most recent toots - Delete toots by swiping left on your toots and selecting the delete option - Delete and redraft toots by swiping left on your toots and selecting the delete and redraft option - Added launch screen image - Added username suggestions when typing @ into the compose screen - Added conversations thread to see what the toot was in reply to - Added the ability to search by hashtag, related (toots involving you), and users - Added the ability to pin/unpin toots - Added pinned toots section to user profiles - Added the ability to tap usernames in toots to visit their profiles - Added text of what you're replying to in the compose screen's 'more' button - Added alert after posting a toot - Added profile bio to cells showing profile users (muted/blocked/follow notifications) - Added default toot privacy option to the settings section - Added a 'now playing' option in the compose section's 'more' button that lets you insert what you're listening to - Added a subtle volume bar indicator - Added the ability to save and view drafts - Added an option in the setting section to toggle full usernames - Usernames in user profiles now include their instance name too if they're not from your instance - Mention users from their profile page - Selecting visibility when composing toots now changes the icon to reflect it better - Removed extra whitespace when replying to toots - Replaced the stock refresh indicator - Better URL link detection - Better Photos permission prompt handling, and a link to the app's settings page if permission is denied - Fixed line spaces in toots - Fixed crash when entering the compose screen? - Fixed crash when attempting to post an empty toot - Fixed ordering of mentions - Fixed notification mentions failing to load completely - Fixed follows/followers failing to load completely - Fixed issue where the theme wouldn't change the first time round - Fixed issue where streams would stop after leaving the app - Fixed crashing when quickly swiping back from profiles before they've completely loaded - Fixed crash when opening the compose screen for some users? General: - Timelines tab is split into three sections (home/local/federated) - The app currently streams data and shifts cells down - Swipe toots right for reply/like/boost options, and left for 'more' actions like mute/block/report/translate/share - Long-hold anywhere on the screen anywhere in the app to cycle through the themes (white/night/true black) - Notifications tab is split into mentions and activity (activity shows all notifications along with a graph of past notifications count - this is a placeholder for now and doesn't work) - Profile tab shows recent media as well as all toots by the user - Tap toots to view details and replies (staggered to two levels) - The composition screen lets you post and reply to toots, as well as add pictures, change the visibility, and add a content warning - Swipe down in the composition screen to dismiss the view more easily - Top-left icon displays lists (the list creation button is a placeholder for now) - Top-right icon lets you search I'd love to hear your thoughts and any feedback/suggestions you may have. I can be found on Twitter @JPEGuin or Mastodon

App Overview

A beautiful Mastodon client with a fluid interface and Apple-esque design. Along with 3D Touch, Today Widget, Share Extensions, and push notifications.


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