LUV: Design Inspiration

Explore thousands of colors, discover top-rated and trending palettes, get daily ideas for patterns to use as decorative elements.
iOS Beta

What to test?

Any current feature can be tested:

- Explore colors, palettes, patterns, users
- Search and filter elements
- Get random element
- Share/copy elements values (colors, images...)
- Add and remove favorites
- Settings
- About page

Generic feedback (what you think of the app, features suggestions, what you like or don't like...) is also very welcome.

Thank you very much for testing LUV!

App Overview

LUV is  an endless source of inspiration and resources for designers and  artists.

Explore thousands of colors, palettes and patterns. Discover top-rated and  trending graphic elements, or get daily ideas to use in your projects. Refine  search results using powerful filters to find what you are looking for. Save  elements you like to quickly access them later. Copy colors as hex values or  CSS styles to use them in other apps, share pattern images to colleagues and  friends to inspire them.

LUV is a perfect tool for graphic, Web, UI and UX designers or artists in  general. But you don't need to be a designer to create astonishing colors  combinations! A community of color-lovers already selected great palettes and  decorative elements, so you don't have to.

 Key features:
 - Browse colors, palettes, patterns and users.
 - Search elements and filter them by popularity, color, user and more.
 - Feeling lucky? Ask for a random element, maybe you will  find that perfect palette you were looking for...
 - Copy colors values, like hex, RGB components or CSS styles.
 - Share pattern as images to create artistic compositions.
 - Save elements you like as favorites, to quickly access them  later.

LUV is a COLOURlovers mobile client app. Colors, palettes and patterns are  provided by the community, and are available under the  Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license  (


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