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iOS Beta

What to test?

This is the final beta before app store release. Future betas will be for post-1.0 features and fixes. Thanks to all of our testers!

App Overview

Livio Music Player supercharges your iTunes and Apple Music experience. Try it for free today!

Features -------- - Free to use and free of pesky ads - Use the app in your car. This app works with Ford and Lincoln SYNC 3 built-in displays - Search your local music library, Apple Music, and iTunes - Easily view your recently played playlists, artists, and albums - Play your downloaded podcasts (from right alongside your music - Customizable themes (more themes and customization coming!) - Quickly share a favorite song, album, or artist with your friends no matter how they play their music Permissions -----------

Music Library Access: We need your permission to access your local music. This will allow us to display your music and podcasts in the app and to play music from your Apple Music subscription.

Voice Recognition Access: This is an optional permission that allows you to perform voice searches while using SYNC 3 in the car. Disclaimers ----------- - must be installed for Livio Music to work. - App preview music from and is licensed Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 We're so glad you decided to try out Livio Music Player and we hope you enjoy it.

If you have any issues or suggestions, check the settings screen and give us feedback or a rating. We live on ratings and we would really appreciate it! - Joel, Nicole, Jonathan, and the rest of the Livio team


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