Kaspersky Security Cloud

A new era of digital security
iOS Beta

What to test?

Pretty much everything

App Overview

The first adaptive security service protects you round the clock based on the things you do

Kaspersky Security Cloud is a new approach to security. It’s not just about your devices. It goes beyond traditional antivirus to put your safety first. With patented Adaptive Security and a range of powerful privacy tools, it adapts to your lifestyle to protect you when you need it. It’s always on so you’re always in control – at home or on the go.

What it does:
• Sends you personalized alerts & advice the moment digital dangers put you at risk.
• Lets you browse privately in public by calling up invisible VPN.
• Gives you a digital safe-deposit box with unlimited space for your passwords & more.
• Probes your accounts for data leaks & advises you if it detects problems.
• Uses cloud technologies to give your devices more speed & performance.
• Allows you to spread the love by sharing security with every member of your family.*
• Gives you parental controls to help you guide your kids to safety through the digital jungle.*
* Available with Kaspersky Security – Family only.

How it helps you through your day:
Adapts to you round the clock
The service never sleeps – guarding you from the moment your alarm goes off. It knows when to alert you, when to warn you and when to step in to give you full-scale protection.

Keeps you safe when you’re out & about
Connect to the internet via fast & secure VPN when unsafe public Wi-Fi threatens your safety. Make your online activities invisible & stop your private stuff falling into the wrong hands.

Helps safeguard your privacy and private data
Get the service to scan your accounts for data leaks by entering log-ins for accounts you want to check.

You MUST NOT connect Kaspersky Security Cloud Beta to a My Kaspersky account that contains only licenses that are not yet in use. Otherwise, the app will automatically switch to the premium version and your license will start expiring. If you are already using the premium version of Kaspersky Security Cloud, you can test the beta version in premium mode under the same license. Your license term, however, will not be extended for the duration of beta testing.

This beta version of the app is not intended for use in the United States.


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