CookUp makes it easy to save & organize recipes.
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What to test?

* Adding new recipes, we support most sites - but our recipe parsing engine is still learning, so help us find new sites to support * Searching - where you able to easily find what you were looking for? * Usability, how happy were you navigating & using the app? * Cookability, was it easy to make the recipe as shown in the app?

App Overview

Have you ever found yourself having 20 browser tabs open on your mobile phone with recipes you want to save for later? or hacking together inconvenient ways to remember recipe links? or perhaps seen a recipe that looked interesting but couldn't bear to read through a 4 page food blog just for the recipe? I have - and have to decided to solve the problem by creating CookUp. The CookUp recipe manager app comes with a share extension that allows you to send it any recipe you find online with just a few taps and save it indefinitely. The app supports search & tagging so finding that recipe you saw last week is easier than ever.


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