See your friends' reactions to stuff you send!
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What to test?

Send messages, sign in and out, try to send messages from your photo library. Send a reaction video and quickly close the app, open push notifications and have a great time with the app!

App Overview

All of us have had a time where we wanted to see our friends' reaction to something we sent them. The answer is now here! Chuckl is THE app that allows you to see your friends' true reaction to things you send them. Test it out today! We are very close to launch! Unlike many other social apps, we don't have friend requests. We only allow you to send Chuckls to contacts that are in your phone (who also have Chuckl). This is an added layer of security. We figure if you don't feel comfortable with someone having your phone number, you probably don't want to get a Chuckl from them! Feel free to invite friends using the in-app invite feature! Note: Chuckl is currently only beta testing on iOS


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