Real-time camera based unit & currency conversion application
Android Beta
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What to test?

Since Camverter will be a paid app, you'll need a promotion key to get it for free. Signup here and I'll send you a key which can be redeemed on the play Play Store: Use it on pricetags, labels, maps, menus and anything else with numbers on and test out the conversions. For Currencies, Camverter can also suggest a source currency based on your location, if you allow it Location permissions.

App Overview

Camverter is a camera based conversion application. By using the phone's camera to capture numbers to be converted, manual entry of input becomes unnecessary. Choose what units you want to convert to and from, e.g. USD to EUR, Yard to Meter or another available type of conversion, target the camera on a number and let Camverter do the rest.


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