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iOS Beta

What to test?

The app is regularly shipped in beta to get a chance to test the latest features of Butleroy.

Current beta app features to test are:

** Siri Shortcuts **
Go to settings and see all Siri shortcuts.

** Scheduling improvements **
We tweaked our rule system and improved scheduling.

** Wunderlist **
New integration! Connect your Wunderlist account.

App Overview

Butleroy is your personal butler for your pocket. The butler called Roy now takes care of your time management. Thanks to artificial intelligence he is able to schedule appointments and your to-dos in the blink of an eye. Doing so, he considers a lot of other factors such as whether the appointment is work related, if you have enough spare time, what time of day is best for you, if the weather is nice and much more.

Roy can not only plan intelligently for you, he can also show you the best restaurants in town, calls you an Uber for the next appointment, finds time for your weekly workouts and learns from your preferences and habits. From now on you have your own personal butler.


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