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iOS Beta

What to test?

-The signup process is pretty smooth (no passwords involved) but it hasn't been working correctly for some users. Let us know how it goes for you.

-Digest notifications aren't always delivered correctly. Please keep notifications on and report any inconsistencies.

-Add your opinion on as many stories as you can and let us know if you face any issues.

App Overview

Burst is a daily digest of news, every morning at 10 AM. We connect you with people you disagree with and opinions that you're not normally exposed to. After months of research we've concluded that most people receive news with a lot of bias due to targeted social media posts and recommendations. We bring both sides of the story to you in one safe environment.

-News are summarised into short fact-checked statements and delivered once a day for peace of mind
-We show you opinions from both sides of a story to give you the full picture
-We don't track you or collect any unnecessary data

You can start a chat with someone who disagrees with you or add your own opinion on topics you care about.

This is V2 of Burst and hasn't been released in the App Store yet. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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