Earn cryptocurrency while you drive with the real time navigation app
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What to test?

- Drive

App Overview

Earn cryptocurrency tokens while contributing to the world wide community-based
traffic and navigation app. Share real-time traffic, road reports/info, and more. You can also earn and unlock Digital Collectibles like Cryptokitties as you contribute to the community.

- Make real time live road reports :
- Police
- Hazards
- Traffic
- Construction
- Accidents
- Red Light Cameras
- Speed Cameras
- Mobile Speed Cameras
- Wildlife
- Weather
- Speed Traps
- Police Checkpoints

- Turn by turn navigation with live rerouting for traffic
- Augmented Reality + 3D map Experience featuring ArCore
- Explore more of the BULVRD world wide community
- Helpful features for Rideshare drivers like Uber Driver, Lyft Driver, DoorDash Driver

Are you an Uber Driver, Lyft Driver, Amazon Flex Driver, or another Rideshare community driver? Augment your earnings by using BULVRD on all the drives you're already making!

- Extra data points include :
- Open Wifi Locations
- Rest Stops (United States only)
- Weigh Stations (United States only)
- Retailers that Accept Cryptocurrency Locations
- Bitcoin / Ethereum/ Cryptocurrency ATM Locations
- Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations


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