AR Punching Bag

A Trump shaped punching bag for cathartic stress therapy.
iOS Beta

What to test?

Tap to punch, and swipe to slap.

App Overview

Does watching the daily national news make you so angry you want to punch the President?  Well, don’t. Punching people is wrong, and going to jail will NOT make you feel any better. But, you still want to punch something? We recommend our new AR Punching Bag.

Simply select a flat surface like a floor or tabletop with a tap, and punch and slap away! Just tap to punch, and swipe to slap. Make sure to turn up the volume to enjoy satisfy impact sounds. Your punches and slaps will power the Justice Timeline and trigger events that will deflate the Trump bag as his approval rating drops.

Share this app with your friends and family as a fun way to encourage them to vote on November 6th.


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