AppChef InstantApp

Allows users to see their Sketch template designs turned into mobile app
iOS Beta

What to test?

Create Sketch designs using AppChef's design templates.
Install our Sketch plugin to allow syncing of the design file with our cloud platform. Instantly get and see their designs running on the InstantApp.
Test to see if all their designs in Sketch has been properly converted inside InstantApp.

Provide feedback on which UI elements did not work or show up properly.

App Overview

AppChef InstantApp is the "viewer" app for the AppChef cloud platform, in which users can turn their Sketch designs into real live mobile apps without coding. The platform automatically converts the Sketch files and generates native mobile code, which can be viewed in the InstantApp. When the user is satisfied with the design, he/she can export all code related to the project and build the app to submit the App store.


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